Abudus Pull Out Of Damba Festival

The Abudu Royal family in Dagbon has pulled out of the Damba festival celebrations. The sprinkling of rice, slaughtering of cattle, the organization and representation at the grand durbar and the merry making, which goes into the night, that has characterized celebrations of the Damba festival would be done without the Abudu family of Yendi. This decision, according to the family, was taken mainly because of the taking over of the Bolin-Lana’s palace by police and military personnel. The Abudu family has however advised the youth of Yendi not to engage in any form of violence and help maintain the peace and quiet being experienced at the moment. In an interview, the Divisional Police Commander in Yendi, DSP Cephas Bediako told PeaceFM that security has been tightened and the Police Service is ready to arrest and prosecute anyone who attempts to cause trouble. Though to some extent, some level of ‘shine’ would be taken out of the festivities due to the absence of the Abudus, the Gbewa palace is busy preparing for the event.