Pope Benedict Was A True Catholic – Rev. Fr. Campbell

Parish Priest of Christ the King Parish Reverend Father Andrew Campbell has eulogized Pope Benedict XVI saying he was a great leader who brought stability to the Roman Catholic Church. Rev. Fr. Campbell said, like many other Catholics worldwide including cardinals, he was shocked by the news of the 265th pope's resignation announced on Monday, February 11, 2013 and expected to take effect from March 1. Rev. Fr. Campbell was speaking on TV3’s 7GMT on Tuesday. He said Pope Benedict was a holy priest and his voluntary decision to resign is a mark of humility. “He was very spiritual, a very holy priest, he loved his work of spreading the gospel,” he told Nana Aba Anamoah. “In all humility, he said ‘the doctors have advised me not to take any more Trans-Atlantic trips’,” he added. He explained the true meaning of being a Catholic – following what [Jesus] Christ taught – saying “there was no way he [Pope Benedict] would compromise it. Fr. Campbell said the resolute stance taken by the pope on social issues such as abortion attracted slurs from the public. But he said staying steadfast was a mark of a true Catholic. “The Pope gave us directions, he was a man of the gospel, he was a true Catholic,” he emphasized. Born as Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, Pope Benedict announced he will step down on February 28, 2013 due to advanced age. “He has prayed over it and that is best for the [Catholic] church,” Rev. Fr. Campbell said. On issues surrounding who the potential successor of the pope will be, Rev. Fr. Campbell said it is in the hands of God to pick.