Owusu Bempah Needs Ritual Bath – Kwaku Bonsam

Spiritualist cum fetish priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam has recommended a ritual bath at midnight on the banks of a river for Rev. Isaac Owusu-Bempah, the founder of the Glorious Word Ministry international, who has become a subject of controversy. “I can honestly tell you that the man won’t stop misbehaving. He is not the one acting; it is something that is worrying him and that thing would not go away until he goes for deliverance from a true man of God. If he feels too big to do that, then let him go for a ritual bath by a river at night. There are so many genuine traditionalists who can help him. I can be of help if he wants,” Bonsam told News-One in a telephone interview from his New York base on Sunday. The fetish priest explained further: “I am not a pastor. I am a seer but the bible Owusu-Bempah preaches from tells me that by their fruits, we shall know them and from the fruits I am seeing the man is not behaving like the Jesus Christ he is supposed to be behaving like. “He has politicized the church on partisan lines and if his prediction that a particular party would win the elections has turned out to be a false prophecy, he should stop covering up by saying the winner would die simply because he does not support the person who won. “I am a spiritualist myself and I can tell you that it is possible to take someone’s soul in the spiritual realms and kill the person. So when he comes out and says someone would die, let us ask him what he had done to the person’s soul. What type of pastor sees only bad things about people and the only time he said a good thing about someone’s victory that victory did not happen.” Rev. Owusu-Bempah has come under severe attacks after his prediction that President John Mahama would die a premature death. Owusu-Bempah also took offence and lashed out at other Men of God who cautioned him on the prophecy about the President’s death. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams o the Christian Action Faith Ministries, Bishop Agyin-Asare of the Word Miracle Church and Rev. Mawuli Dzidula-Agudogo, Head Pastor of Teshie Parish of the Global Evangelical Church, are some of the several pastors who have cautioned Rev Owusu Bempah about his prediction and style. But Rev. Owusu-Bempah disregarded their caution and fired back at Bishop Agyin-Asare to keep quite because he was not a prophet. He also expressed surprise that Duncan Williams was questioning his credibility. Rev Owusu Bempah said he had some very serious prophecies about Duncan-Williams in time past and that the Archbishop even came to him for guidance on the best way forward.