PHOTO: Pastor Bonks Married Man

Drama unfolded on Sunday night in Nigeria, when a married female pastor was evicted from her matrimonial home after she was reportedly caught pants down with a married man in her matrimonial bed. Pastor Tsitsi Mukwamba was reportedly caught by her husband after news was circulated that she was having extra-marital affairs with young males. The man whom she was caught in bed with reportedly died mysteriously the same day. Police spokesperson confirmed the sudden-death report. Inspector Chibanda said the police were investigating the death of the deceased which happened following a misunderstanding between him and his girlfriend. He hinted that the deceased’s wife reported that he downed a poisonous pesticide at his girlfriend’s house following a misunderstanding with the suspect. The deceased failed to justify to his wife how he was poisoned in the neighborhood when he reported to her that he was coming from another state. He said the news crew visited Pastor Tsitsi’s house on Sunday night and found multitudes of residents milling around the house, intending to execute justice on her. The police were called to intervene and disperse the crowd, but she was smuggled out of the house by her husband who went and dumped her at Machipisa Police Station. “We want to teach her the correct way to preach to the congregation,” one of the residents was heard saying. The husband indentifies as Baba Anesu said his family affair did not need media coverage. “There is nothing going on, people just want her to pay back their debts. This is just mob psychology,” he disguised. Pastor Tsitsi could not entertain questions and sought refuge in a cab before it sped off. Inspector Chibanda said his outfit was treating the case as a suicide case and investigations were in progress.