Annette Danso Comes With New Gospel Flavour

Ghanaian gospel music lovers for years have yearned and prayed for a true gospel musician who will use her music to bring people closer to God and go beyond the country's borders to promote Christ through gospel music. A large number of gospel music fans have often wondered why the country does not have a gospel music star whose name rings a bell like Muyiwa, Steve Kelly, Agatha Moses, Princess Efoema among several other renowned African gospel music stars. Thanks to Reverend Gabriel Ansah of Adom FM, the much-awaited gospel music star who is expected to lead Ghanaian gospel music to the 'promised music land' has been discovered. She is Annette Danso.This young, energetic and pretty music star who released her second album, 'Faithfulness,' on April 5 2010 is ready to release the third album on 24th of March 2013 this year at the Coconut Groove hotel. Annette has been groomed by Rev. Gabriel Ansah into a professional star who is already on her way to stardom. Knowing very well that it takes a mature and enlightened mind for one to become a great star, Annette has taken her education seriously to meet the challenges ahead of her. She told daily's in an interview that, �I have been in the music industry for the past 15 years and I have dedicated my whole life and music to God to show appreciation for what He has done and continues to do for me�. She continued that although she is single, �I keep telling everybody including friends that I'm married�. When asked who the husband was, Annette responded: �I am married to my musical career because as a young lady and a musician, I think I have to go close to God and also use my music to promote His teachings�.'Eye' is the title track of her latest album which has eight songs on both the CD and the cassette. She told the daily's that her album was carefully packaged not only for the local market, but the entire African continent and the world at large, adding that as a young gospel music star, she intended to use her music to win more souls for Christ. Talk of lyrics, arrangements, instrumentation and sound quality, and the album is second to none. What is touching about the title track 'Eye' is the sound quality, which could be attributed to the state-of-the-art equipment used in recording it. The title track which offers great inspiration to all Christians is a slow, mid-tempo rendered in highlife, with a beautiful rhythm and a great bass tune and drum beat to match. It is a wonderful piece which brings out her superb creative abilities. The album has songs like ' Eye'(Hi life), 'Asafo Yehowa, a worship song designed for morning devotions, 'Tina Yesu Nase' which has reggae rhythm and beat, 'Wole Noko,' ' Monyi Awurade Aye(Worship), Menim ne Nne(Hilife), Asafo Yehowa(Reggae) and 'Oye madanfo(Praise).Having sung for several years, Annette has the voice and demeanour that appeal to both Christians and non-Christians. The album is being distributed nationwide by Wotee production Accra and Bandex music Productions at Kantamanto in Accra.