Tinny Sabotaged At MUSIGA Concert?

Ghana`s hiplife/hip hop artiste Tinny has taken to facebook to register his displeasure at the way the Unity Concert organized by MUSIGA at the Accra Sports Stadium as part of its Ghana Music Week, was conducted. In Tinny's outburst, he noted that his performance might not have been satisfying as expected due to poor organization at the stadium. If that was the case, is Tinny putting the blame on MUSIGA? Is it MUSIGA that he refers to as ''haters'' who want to sabotage him? Did MUSIGA give an event organizer the sole right to organize the show or did MUSIGA organize the show all by itself? What exactly does Tinny refer to as ''poor organization'' and what exactly transpired at the stadium that got Tinny upset? Flex Newspaper got in touch with Tinny's management to find out what really happened, but unfortunately Tinny's management is yet to give further explanations as to what exactly might have caused Tinny's outburst. As and when Tinny's management comes out with an official explanation, your authoritative Flex Newspaper would also get in touch with MUSIGA. This is exactly what Tinny said: ''Dear Tinny fans, thank y'all for your support. I am sorry hat my performance last night might not have been as satisfying as you might have hoped it would be. I know you guys were expecting not just two songs but also a bunch of my new releases and many more. But please don't put the blame on me. Put it on the poor organization that took place yesterday. Haters want to sabotage but dem can`t. God gives and God takes. GH step up ur game.'�