Keche Loses In Song Of The Year Category Ahead of The Awards Night

The artistes need the money to survive the struggling industry. Event companies also need to satisfy the loyalty of their sponsors for continues business and sustenance of their events. How do we combine the two and even we are able to combine that, who will suffer the consequence in this our time. Let`s see what we can get of out this discourse. Until NDC used the �idey bee keke� catch phrase for the campaign in the last general elections, everybody in Ghana knew that �idey bee keke� was a thing for management and customers of MTN: Every where you go. The latest we are hearing from their camp is a new catch phrase called �TALK IS TASTY�. Talk about tasty in Ghanaian entertainment media and the only thing which comes to the minds of people is �Aliguitugui�, sung and performed by hip life duo Keche �medaase�. In Keche`s song, they chanted �LIFE IS TASTY LIKE ALIGUITUGUI�. Thanks be to God, the song became an instant hit and it has received rotations on radio and television stations. What it means is that MTN is trying to steer clear off the political game of �Idey bee keke� and the ramifications likely to follow should NDC lose next elections in the country. (Just my assumptions please. Don't get it twisted people ) Knowing very well the business rivalry in this country, especially between the mobile telecommunications, it is clear that if care is not taken by the management of Keche, their hit track Aliguitugu might not sail through the category VODAFONE SONG OF THE YEAR. What even makes it herculean is the fact that the category comes with a Vodafone name attached to it. Now, let`s do this logical conclusion of what is likely to ensue now that the guys from Spider Lee Entertainment are already enjoying the deal from MTN. Do you think it will be possible that a Vodafone song of the year might be a song which has been used by MTN in their radio and TV commercial? My straight answer is a big no without any apology, fear or favour for either Charter House or Spider Lee Entertainment. Now to the Keche duo, it`s better you start taking consolation from the money you are still enjoying from the MTN deal whiles forgetting about winning the Vodafone song of the year because that is mission impossible. With the best Group of the year where the two were also nominated for possible wins, their MTN cash can be used to do some voting and am sure all things being equal, they can clinch that title from say R2Bees or VIP. Mind you, this is just our opinion, it might change on the day of the awards; who knows.