Ernest Owusu Bempah: Deputy Minster Nominees Lack “Moral Justification”

The Deputy Communications Director of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Ernest Owusu Bempah says the newly appointed Deputy Ministers by President John Mahama lack the “moral justification” to head the offices they have been assigned to. According to him, the moral fabric of the Deputy Ministers designate is questionable and should be subjected to strict scrutiny. He was disgusted at the kind of appointees selected by President Mahama, stating that they have left bad footprints and as a result do not deserve to be given ministerial positions. Speaking on Oman FM on Thursday, the outraged NDP Communications Director released his fury on some Deputy Ministers whose conducts are nothing to write home about. Expressing surprise over the President’s Deputy Ministerial nominees, Owusu Bempah wondered why names like Mohammed Baba Ahmed Jamal who will be heading to the Ministry of Local Government & Rural Development, Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed who is also selected to assist the Information and Media Relations Minister, Nii lantey Vanderpuiye, Deputy Minister designate for the Ministry of Trade & Industry and Victoria Hammah who makes it to the Ministry of Communications could pop up in the list of appointees. According to him, the Deputy Ministers “lack the technical know-how. They don’t have the skills and the moral justifications to be Ministers.” Alluding to their previous actions and inactions, he elucidated that the Deputy Ministers designate, particularly Hon. Baba Jamal and Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, have already proven to be irresponsible due to the violence and lies they perpetuated prior to the 2012 general elections. Therefore, to him, the President listing them as part of his deputy minister nominees spells doom for the nation and also shows that President Mahama is a lazy leader because “he cannot determine the right people that he can use to govern the nation.” In his view, the nomination has unveiled the personality of President Mahama as a leader who endorses lies and would “propagate lies in this country. He wants to continue to dip their hands in public purse and the only way they can do that is to empower Ministers like Baba Jamal. Because if you have a character like Baba Jamal as a Minister of this country, then Ghana has a serious problem. We have a serious problem on our heads.”