EDEM Reshoots "Over Again" Remix Video

Denning Edem Agbeviadey popularly known in the entertainment circles as Edem has at the long run satisfied his fans with the new shoot of his song "Over Again", since his fans were not impressed with his first video. Edem, a rapper/ Hip life artiste who raps in his native language Ewe, English, Pidgin and others made it clear that he always wants to satisfy his fans, and so he decided to reshoot his "over again" video with a new twist and turn to it. "I think this video was inspired by the fact that I wanted to let my fans understand that my word is my bond. "We decided to elevate the video and the song in two ways, do a remix of the song, and put it in Jamaican English so that everybody can understand what over again story line is and then shoot another video for it, that was the drive for this new video," he said. Edem added that his team felt that they needed to get across Africa to get into the hearts and minds of fans who understand English and pidgin to get a vibe with the music. "We are looking at putting Over Again on another level, making people see that we don�t want to compromise on quality and the direction that Ghanaian music video have to take, we want to meet the mark that is generally accepted universally". Edem made it clear that Africa is his target as a musician and will like to make and shoot videos to suit the taste of the African continent. The new "Over Again" Remix video was directed by George Gyima of Phamous Philms. Watch out for "Over Again" Video� Coming Soon.