I Can't Do Without My Security Guys -Diamond

Flashy hiphop musician, Diamond, is so security conscious that she would not step out of her home without the company of at least one bodyguard. �I do not feel safe when I�m alone in public; in fact it is not safe as a public figure to be alone�. �Celebrities in Ghana don�t take certain things seriously but for me, security is something I don�t joke with and I will pay for it no matter the cost, to get the security I want� Diamond told Showbiz on Tuesday. She said that she does not attend any event that is likely to be crowded without engaging the services of three or four security men to protect her. The Taste My Apple singer who has been seen at various social events including the recent Vodafone Ghana Music Awards in the company of security men said she had received many uncomplimentary comments since she decided to always step out with security men two years ago but she was not bothered. �I do what I think is right and not what people say. They may say whatever they wish but hey, this is me. If other celebrities will not do it, I will� Diamond said. Asked what made her come to this decision, she explained that although Ghana is a peaceful country, she cannot tell when the unfortunate will happen so to be in a safer hands she opted for the security men. She cited example of the death of four persons who lost their lives during the stampede at Prophet T.B�s church to back her case. �Who knew four people were going to die at T.B Joshua�s church but the unfortunate happened and they are no more. Prevention is better than cure� Diamond said so far as she is alive there is no big event in Ghana she will attend without security men by her. Diamond claims she is a simple person who is down to earth but when it comes to her security, she will pay anything to get it. Talking about her music career, Diamond who burst on the music scene in 2006 and has also featured in movies such as Armsterdam Diary, Dadaba, Keeping The Promise, Big Girls Club and Run Baby Run said her latest single called Brazilian Hair is already out and doing great. She believes that the music industry in Ghana is doing very well with Ghanaian musicians being nominated for international awards like the BET Awards which Kojo Antwi and D- Black were nominated with Sarkodie winning the BET African Act last year. Diamond attended New Hope Preparatory School, Accra Girls Secondary School and Lewisham College in South East London. She is a Christian who worships at Christ Embassy but admits that she doesn�t attend church service on a regular basis. To her fans, Diamond says, �keep supporting me like you always have, watch out for a lot of things from Diamond this year.�