Correct The Errors Of Your Predecessors - Rawlings Tells John The 4th

Former President Rawlings has charged President John Mahama to correct the wrongs the country has been saddled with by its past leaders. According to Mr. Rawlings despite the country's several achievements, the setbacks recorded in the course of the nation's history are a cause for worry. “Many setbacks and reversals have also taken place, and for more than a decade now Ghana appears to have been moving an irreversible situation down a tunnel, thanks to Presidents Mills and Kufour and I call them John the second and John the third.” Former President Rawlings lamented the perculair situation the President found himself in and challenged him to rescue the situation. “How well, how far, how soon John the fourth can achieve that is hard to say,” he however noted. Mr. Rawlings who was speaking ahead of the 34th anniversary of the June 4 Revolution in Accra, also called for a seizure to what he referred to as "the growing lawlessness and land grabbing in the country." "All kinds of things are going on which are causing headache and heartache that we [Rawlings’] have been quiet about,” he adde