Election Petition: Judges Were Right To Have Issued Warning

Spokesperson for New Patriotic Party (NPP) Legal Team, Yaw Buabeng Asamoah, has agreed with the decision by the nine-member panel hearing the ongoing election petition to issue a stern warning to both Counsel for the Petitioners and the Respondents regarding their comments during interview sessions with the media after court proceedings. According to him, the stance taken by the Supreme Court Justices will help nib in the bud any further attempt to maliciously feed the public with toxic materials. Presiding Judge, Justice Atuguba, hearing the ongoing 2012 election petition on Thursday was dismayed and issued a strong warning to party spokespersons and the media to be careful in their presentation of happenings at the Supreme Court in the ongoing election petition hearing. Justice Atuguba again cautioned lawyers representing the parties involved in the case not to misrepresent events as they transpire in the chamber or sanctions will be taken against them. Lawyer Abraham Amaliba, a member of the NDC legal team was singled out for his utterances outside the court by the bench. Speaking on Asempa FM, lawyer Yaw Boabeng said ďthe Judges are now concerned with what goes out from the court, they are now showing seriousness in that. Letís see who will be charged with contempt among us (the spokespersons). I am not afraid because I just donít say anything anyhow.Ē