It’s So Pitiful To See Prez Mahama Create A Storm In A Tea Cup

A member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) communication team is dead set against President John Mahama’s decision to engage fire experts from the United State to determine the cause of rampant market fire outbreaks saying it is needless. Asamoah Gyamfi believes it is unfortunate and totally rubbish for the President to conclude that saboteurs are behind the outbreaks, since he believes poor management of the markets is the cause of the rampant fires and not arson. “Ghana doesn’t need any American investigators to investigate in recent fire outbreaks. I feel so pity for a whole president to believe in just a mere rumor and create a storm in a tea cup. When was the last time government organized a cleaning up exercise in our major markets as well as fire drills? It simply poor management that is causing these fires,” he asserted. President John Dramani Mahama on his visit to Makola No. 2 which was gutted by fire last Tuesday announced that government would engage fire experts from the United State of America to ascertain the real causes of the markets fire outbreaks. He further said that, though evidence had not proven that the fire outbreaks were orchestrate, the spate and timing of the incidents had gone beyond imagination so therefore there will be need for additional support to help investigate the fires. But speaking on Accra-based Adom FM, the NPP activist found the suggestion ludicrous. “Why would someone or a political party think of burning these markets? For what? To me, it’s needless for the president to fall in that trap. I was shocked when I heard him saying that. Why must the president fall for this? “…we should restructure our markets. Poor wiring…is a big problem in our markets as well as mouse feeding on these electrical wires. The bottom line is we must solve these problems in our markets to cease the fire. There should be a proper market management regime not expertise from somewhere to ascertain the cause,” he said