Doe Adjaho Directs House To Investigate NPP MP

The Doe Adjaho, Speaker of ParliamentDoe Adjaho, Speaker of Parliamentleadership of Parliament will meet with the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the House to ascertain whether the committee indeed wrote to rLg, a local communications company, to solicit for funds to embark on a journey outside the country. The findings will be made available to the Speaker, Mr Doe Adjaho, as soon as the facts are ascertained, for appropriate action. This was disclosed to the Graphic Online by the Majority Chief Whip, Alhaji Muntaka Mubarak. The meeting has become necessary as a result of publications in a section of the media indicting the PAC for soliciting for funds from the company. Alhaji Muntaka said currently, the leadership of the House did not have the facts because both the Chairman of the Committee and the Ranking Member were out of the country. He said the PAC had money in its own coffers and, therefore, it would be unusual for it to write to a private company soliciting for funds to engage in Parliamentary business. At leadership meeting Thursday, Mr Adjaho was said to have been furious about the publications, especially one with the headline “Doe Adjaho’s Parliament Rotten.” But Alhaji Muntaka said leadership managed to calm Mr Adjaho down with the explanation that they had not heard from the leadership of the PAC yet and until that was done, the veracity of the matter could not be ascertained. He said it was agreed that leadership of the House should make some comments on the issue without going into the detail. On the floor of the House Thursday, members managed to discuss the issue without bringing out the exact issue. Just when Alhaji Muntaka broached the topic, the member for Old Tafo, Dr Anthony Akoto-Osei, rose to his feet saying the floor of the House was not the appropriate forum to discuss the issue. He said the Committee of the Whole appeared to be the best forum to discuss the issue, or the Privileges Committee. Leadership he said needed to set the right example with regard to the issue. Mr Adjaho reminded members that at leadership meeting, it had been agreed that a few comments be made on the issue on the floor of the House. He said he had taken a serious view of the publications, “But as to whether they are true or not, I do not know.” According to him he had wanted to refer the issue to the Privileges Committee of the House but he had been told members were not available. Therefore, he said, the issue should be discussed by the leadership and whatever findings are made reported to him. Mr Dominic Nitiwul, Deputy Minority Leader and Papa Owusu Ankomah, member for Sekondi, all expressed their concerns about the issue.