Action Should Be Taken Against Anyone Who Engages In Infractions Of The Code

Vitus A Azeem, Executive Director for Ghana Integrity Initiative, the local chapter of Transparency International, is all for the adoption of a book on code of ethics for ministers and other political appointees saying it is a step in the right direction since every society and activities of a group of people need to be guided by principles. According to him, once politicians and appointed officials have been taking decisions on behalf of Ghanaians, their activities must be coded to ensure that their decisions form the well being of Ghanaians. President John Dramani Mahama, on Monday, at Peduase in the Eastern Region, launched a book on code of ethics for ministers and other political appointees, with a call on them to strictly adhere to it, to avoid bribery, corruption and other malpractices. He also issued a stern warning that he will not tolerate any act of corruption and conflict of interest in his administration. Speaking to Accra-based HotFM in an interview on the subject, Mr Azeem opined that the adoption of this code of ethics by the president is indicative of the fact that he is aware of the infractions by some of his officials. He would have preferred a particular code of conduct for all public officials but admitted that since there are different categories of workers in the government with different responsibilities, it would have been difficult operationally. He however suggested that the code of ethics should be codified and enforceable by the judicial process so that people who do not comply are brought to book. He was emphatic that the sure way to reduce corruption in the public sector and within government is to take serious actions against those who engage in the infractions of this code; “…if no action is taken against them, others will be motivated by their conduct and the potency of the code of conduct will be paralyzed,” he added.