Ministry Lays Down The Gauntlet…”All Drivers Must Comply With New LI, Or”

The Ministry of Transport has enjoined commercial drivers to join accredited transport unions in the country in order to aid the Ministry track down recalcitrant ones who tend to flout rules and regulations. According to the sector Minister, Dzifa Ativor, her outfit will not tolerate any misconduct from drivers. She admonished the drivers to comply with the provision in the newly approved LI 2180 which mandates them to “belong to unions so that in case of any problem, we will be able to trace you and discipline you” in order to bring sanity into the transport system. Noting down the tendencies of drivers to use dubious means to claim huge fares from passengers, she held strongly that such culture should be abolished and therefore cautioned all passengers to insist on their fundamental right whenever they board vehicles to their destinations. “It is incumbent on passengers to refuse the payment of any extra fares aside the rates given by the transport authorities,” she asserted. “As a passenger, you have to insist on your right…If everybody will insist on their right; all this will come to a halt. I want to encourage the passengers to demand their rights once they know it,” she added.