A-G To File Writ As It Begins Process To Retrieve Judgement Debts Monies

The Attorney General’s department is set to file a writ at the court to begin the legal process of retrieving all judgement debts paid to Isofoton and Waterville. The writ will be filed by Friday following last month’s Supreme Court verdict that ordered the two firms to return in excess of 25 million euros in judgement debts to the state. Anti graft body, the Ghana Integrity Initiative Wednesday questioned why government has failed to pursue the retrieval of the money a month after the verdict was delivered. Executive Director of the GII, Vitus Azeem reminded: “This government has promised Ghanaians transparent and accountable governance, so we need to know what is happening. Are they making an effort to get the money, are they encountering any problems before we can draw any conclusion...” He recalled that there have been instances in the past were government won similar judgments but did nothing to recover those monies. “And we don’t want these recent cases to go down the same line,” he asserted. But Joy News has learnt that government is yet to act because of the Attorney General’s status as a defendant in the case brought by former AG, Martin Amidu. A government legal advisor tells Joy News the normal practice is that the plaintiff, which in this case is Mr Amidu, must carry out an entry of judgement that will begin the process of retrieving the money. He explained that the legal difficulty has influenced the writ that the AG’s department is preparing to file on Friday.