NPP Leaders Have Become Tin gods- Arthur Kennedy

Living with tin gods as leaders is one thing every nation would try to avoid. No country would want to elate such individuals into power or have them leading an opposition party. It is evident such leaders would only be interested in imposing their standard of beliefs and judgments on their subordinates without caring about the consequences. Such is the pertinent problem surrounding leadership in Ghana, says Dr. Arthur Kennedy. And although the former Director of Communications for the New Patriotic Party made that general statement, he emphatically shot subliminal swipes at his party, the NPP. “Unlike Busia who was a true party man and visited the NPP’s headquarters even when he was the Prime Minister, we have people aiming to become presidential candidates but do not know the location of the party headquarters”, he said. In an interview with Okay FM, he advised that it would be prudent if leaders in the NPP learn the positive sides of Prof. Busia as the nation marks his centenary celebration. He recounted how the late B.J. da Rocha had informed him in a conversation about the meek nature of Prof. Busia. “I heard he (Prof. Busia) had time to explain things to people whenever people approached him with questions but today we have tin gods as leaders. If you should say a word about them, they would fight you back bitterly”, he stated.