Mahama’s Administration Is A “Killer Gov’t”

Policy Analyst of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Atik Mohammed has lambasted government for purportedly ‘killing’ the hard work of contractors in the nation. Speaking on Oman FM's "National Agenda" on Tuesday, he described the government as a “Killer government”, claiming that it meted out unfair treatments to the contractors. Atik Mohammed, who was commenting on the state of Ghana’s roads, was of the view that the Mahama-led government has been lavishing money under the guise of improving the living conditions of Ghanaians; a reason why several roads have been abandoned. “Apart from creating, looting and sharing; you are a killer government. So, does the Better Ghana Agenda mean you come and kill contractors? Is that the idea?” he queried. He therefore appealed to government to channel the country’s revenues into constructing better roads for the citizenry and also remit its debt to the contractors.