Go To Court, If Coroner’s Report Does Not Satisfy You - Quashigah

Member of Parliament for the Keta constituency and Propaganda secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Richard Quarshigah is asking persons who are not satisfied with the coroner’s report on the death of late President Mills’ death to seek redress in court. “For me that is not a relevant issue and I will not be one of the people asking that. If the likes of Richard Nyammah, who are experts in going to court really have a problem with the kind of disclosure they are looking for not being public to them, they can go to court,” he stated. According to him, what was important was that Ghanaians adhered to whatever verdict that will be given by the Supreme Court on the election petition. “There are some group people who have decided to stop at nothing to create confusion in this country and they think that there is need to grab home a lot more. The relevance of the emergence of peace is for all Ghanaians to adhere to whatever the situation or outcome of the court case such that peace can reign supreme rather that what killed the former president,” he stated. Mr. Quarshigah further stated that there were people who did not feel the pain they felt and that was why they were asking for the probe into the former president’s death. “I do not want to be reliving old memories since it will bring emotion and pain to some Ghanaian people. There are some section of people who do not feel the pain that some of us feel when we talk about the late president therefore I will not even traverse that road.” Adding that some people only wanted to “create the impression that there were distortions in narrations given by the General Secretary and the National Chairman of the NDC as well as the President.” Meanwhile, Chairman of Young Patriots, Richard Nyammah has demanded a public probe into what killed Professor Mills because according to him, “Mills died an unnatural death.” Speaking on Citi Eyewitness News, Mr. Nyammah stated that even the Chief of Otuam, which is where the late president hailed from had said their traditional findings showed he [Mills] had died an unnatural death. “The chief of Otuam indicates that per their traditional findings after the death, they realized he died an unnatural death and that was confirmed by President Mahama yesterday; who said the death was a shock to him so won’t he want to absorb the shock by knowing exactly what killed him?” Mr. Nyammah further added, “What is the secret behind the president’s death that his autopsy report cannot be made available for the people of Ghana so we can have some peace and rest because there are some ridiculous speculations out there about what killed him.”