“It’s A Deliberate Attempt To Bastardize Zoomlion”

Communications Manager for Zoomlion Ghana Ltd., Robert Coleman wants media practitioners in the country to exercise “great caution and circumspection” and not fabricate stories about the company’s involvement in the Ghana Youth Employment and Enterpreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA) report submitted to President John Dramani Mahama some two weeks ago. A Ministerial Committee set up by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in April, 2013 was mandated to investigate the rot at the GYEEDA. The Committee submitted its report to the President on July, 16 this year for further actions and sanctions to be taken against the personalities and entities indicted by report. Reports trickled into the media spotlight incriminated the waste management company, Zoomlion and other leading government officials. But Zoomlion’s Communications Manager has debunked the reports, stating that even the company has not been formally notified by government concerning the report. “We are very much aware of the report but we have not cited a copy of the report. And therefore, we are not privy to the contents of the report… If we don’t know the content of the report, why are commenting?...It’s only when government has issued a white paper on the report. A copy is submitted to the company, then we can interrogate the issue. Then, we can respond appropriately but for now, we don’t have a copy,” Mr. Coleman said on Radio Gold today. To him, the speculations are deliberate attempts by the company’s detractors and a section of the media to discredit its image and so, admonished them to exercise “great caution and circumspection” when putting out the facts. “It is a deliberate attempt to bastardize the company. What haven’t we done to most Ghanaian-owned companies before? It is a deliberate attempt by our detractors to bastardize the company and try to do what they did to other companies… “It is a section of the media and particularly owners of multimedia. We have always stated that we believe it’s a calculated attempt by a section of the media to run down the company…So, we believe strongly that there is something more to it.” He was cocksure when the report is officially copied to the company for appropriate response, the entire nation will be exposed to the truth which will eventually exonerate the company because it has “a legitimate contract with government and we know we have executed our bid professionally.”