Prof Mills Was State Property…We Need To Know How He Died

Traditionally, criticizing the dead is deemed offensive. And when the deceased has been laid to rest in peace, it is obviously unacceptable to reveal his or her dark sides. This may be a generally accepted custom in the nation but to some, custom can be disregarded when the departed is a leading figure; even moreso when he was a former president. This is why Ken Kuranchie stopped at nothing to pose the question; what killed Professor Mills? Speaking on Oman FM on Monday, the Searchlight Editor sought to uncover the mystery that led to the death of the late President John Evans Atta Mills. Adding his voice to numerous calls on government to state the exact cause of the late President’s demise, Ken Kuranchie wants the leadership of the country to conduct an inquest into his (President Mills) death because, to him, there are cogent questions that demand answers. “Let’s make an inquest into Professor Mills’ death because there’s something hidden in it. He was on the ballot box. He was too sick to campaign…let’s investigate it.” Making reference to the late President’s son, Samuel Kofi Atta Mills’ interview with Radio Gold last Friday about the last days of his father, Ken Kuranchie intoned that the death of the late President is “not a question for Professor Mills’ family. It is not his wife’s matter, it’s a Ghanaian matter. Professor Mills was a property of the State.” Samuel Kofi Atta Mills, speaking in an interview with Radio Gold, categorically emphasized that his father’s death did not make ‘sense’ to him when he was told minutes after holding deliberations with him (Mills) about his prospects in life, that he (Mills) had passed on to eternal glory. Recounting circumstances preceding his father’s departure from the physical world, Samuel Kofi Atta Mills said a few weeks before his father passed away, “he wasn’t feeling a bit too well; so, as a normal person, you would want to take some time out and just relax and rest…,” so, they used to engage in regular exercises to keep fit. On the late President’s birthday, he (Kofi Mills), for some strange reasons, decided to hang out with his father at the Osu Castle. During this time, his father had not shown any signs of dying and to him; he never thought Tuesday, July 24, 2012 would mark the demise of the late President. “I could never have thought that Tuesday would ever come…Tuesday morning, I woke up very early because I thought maybe we would go for the walk. So, I went upstairs and he said I’m just going to relax today. The doctors are going to come around, so, I just want to relax today; take it easy…” He later decided to leave the Castle to attend to a different assignment. Kofi Mills further disclosed that before he left the Castle, he thought the late President Mills was preparing to travel abroad “because initially I (Kofi Mills) thought he was supposed to travel to some place. When I was leaving, they were getting the convoy ready to go” and then he “received a phone call from a very close person to him (the late President) and they said he was gone.” His father’s death “didn’t make sense. It didn’t really make sense to me…I didn’t know whether to cry or whether to get angry or whether to sleep and wake up and pretend everything was a dream,” Kofi Mills recalled. As a result of these comments, the Searchlight newspaper Editor raised concerns regarding the brouhaha surrounding the death of the late President. “Where was he that morning? How come Professor Mills’ neck was hurting him? Who brought him to the 37 (hospital)? How was his health when he got to the 37(hospital)?” he queried.