Ahead of NDC Congress…Youth Group Roots For Ade Coker

As the battle for party positions in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) draws near, interested persons for the various political officers have started positioning themselves for the slots. Although the party has not officially announced a date for the commencement of campaigns, serious politicking has started, while stakeholders in the coming election are not leaving anything to chance or succumb to any hindrance that could make them lose out in the game. Already a group calling itself Concern Youth of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is rooting for the candidature of the party’s Greater Accra national chairman, Mr. Joseph Ade Coker. The group described the chairman as a results oriented person who should win the seat again without competition, ahead of the upcoming national congress slated for November this year. Abdul Aziz Adams, spokesperson for the group, in an exclusive interview with the New Crusading Guide predicted things would go bad for the NDC should Mr. Ade Coker be replaced come November. According to him, it was under Mr. Ade Coker’s administration that he NDC party’s vote increased in the Greater Accra Region and therefore described him as a chairman who should not be contested. “Tribalism, one knows does not enhance a political party’s chances of winning an election, and therefore Mr. Ade Coker is one man who hates tribal politics and this has really brought the NDC to the great state it finds itself now”, Adams confidently underscored. Adams said Ade Coker is the first NDC chairman who has helped the NDC to win 19 parliamentary seats out of the total of 27 in the Region, adding, that; he is the most competent chairman the party has ever had. Adams further disclosed that, though Ade Coker is the party chairman in Greater Accra, he has also canvassed for more votes for the party in the entire country, adding that, the party would be digging its own grave should he be replaced. “The past records of Mr. Ade Coker really show his competences as compared to anyone who would wish to contest him in the election.” He stated and called on all the delegates to rally behind the “performing chairman”.