NDC Kwabre East Declares: Attempt To Impose Iddisah On Us, Disaster In 2016

We, the members of the NDC scholars of Kwabre East, a group made up of over 200 university and polytechnic graduates with unblemished dedication and commitment to the progress of the NDC in the Kwabre East District of Ashanti have noted with the zenith of melancholy, avowed attempts by some unseen hands to impose Adams Iddisah, the rejected DCE on us against the obvious will of the grassroots. Adams Iddisah was rejected by the party delegates in the run up to the 2012 general elections when he contested the party primary amid massaging of delegates list skewed towards his interest, harassments of opponents and their support base among others in his lustful attempts to winning the contest. Curios minds will ask why a DCE after four years in office and with the advantages of office which was consciously abused lose the election in the constituency he claims to serve? It will interest Ghanaians to know that the DCE who was not known to the district and therefore, did not contribute anything to our victory in 2008 was imposed on us from nowhere ahead of any of the known favorites who duly contributed and subsequently expressed interest at the time. Mr.Iddisah, whose attitude is foreign and can only be copied from the NPP only focused his attention on amassing wealth for himself and a clique of looting brigades around him against the interest of the party whose fruits he enjoys. Once again, one of the reasons for which he lost the primary in 2011. We, the NDC Scholars of the district, who availed ourselves as grassroots ambassadors of the Better Ghana Agenda, represented the party as polling agents over the years including the 2012 elections mainly for no material incentives will describe any attempt to appoint Adams Iddisah as DCE, a reward for GREED and INCOMPETENCE and this we believe will have dire consequences on the party’s fortunes come 2016. If for two consecutive times, party loyalists in the district including the two parliamentary candidates will be sidelined after putting their lives and resources down for the interest of our dear party, what will be the motivation in dying for the party if we are only used as vehicles for electoral victory but shun when it matters most? It is regrettable to recollect that Adams Iddisah, after losing the parliamentary primary as mentioned above boasted severally of his family ties with the then vice president and now President John Dramani Mahama. His naked advertisement of arrogance was to the effect that whether he took part in the campaigns or not, he was going to get re-appointed because he relates to the president by blood. True to his conviction, he hijacked the footballs, jerseys and refused to shape some bad roads which could add some votes to the party towards victory 2012 but was not just rewarded with an appointment, but still he is seen parading around the corridors of power for a possible re-nomination after he was rejected by the Hon. Assembly members on July 4, 2013.Must saboteurs like Iddisah be rewarded for greed and profligate display of arrogance to the grassroots party activists? We, at this juncture salute the Hon. Assembly members for thinking beyond monitory considerations by voting against Mr. Iddisah whose budget they rejected two years ago amid other glaring acts of improprieties and incompetence which nearly resulted in a vote of no confidence in him. We, are aware of the attempts being made to materially influence the Hon. Presiding Member calculated at “whipping” the entire members of the assembly to endorse the rejected DCE if he gets a re-nomination. Our group is convinced that nothing has dramatically changed within the last few weeks to warrant any endorsement of Mr. Iddisah. We do not think the Hon. George Oppong led Assembly will immerse itself in such a pool of ridicule in what could be described as a sharp “U-Turn”. The NDC Scholars of Kwabre East will not sit aloof for His Excellency John Dramani Mahama to be ridiculed the second time after some self-seeking individuals misinformed him into believing that all was well for Adams Iddisah hence his nomination and subsequent rejection by the Assembly members. It could be recalled that an NDC youth group, Coalition of NDC Youth Groups petitioned the president to withdraw Mr. Iddisah when he was nominated and cited rejection by Assembly members as one of the reasons but their call was not heeded to and the obvious happened. We assure the president that we know many hardworking and highly qualified NDC members who are better placed to be District Chief Executive for Kwabre East than Adams Iddisah. The failed DCE is therefore, not the only wise man to lord over us after messing up with the unmerited opportunity given him within the last four years hence we are more than ready to avail the list of these scholars for consideration to avoid further embarrassment the second rejection of Iddisah will cause especially after failing to secure 50% of the votes the last time. It is our hope that the cry of the grassroots of Kwabre East will for once be heard. We will like to further state that any attempt to re-impose Adams Iddisah on us will receive every resistance including losing our LAST BLOOD in that regard. We are tired of his tyranny, divide-and rule as well as gross insensitivity to the party that gives him his daily bread. Long Live His Excellency John Dramani Mahama! Long Live the great NDC! EYE ZU! EYE ZA! Long Live Ghana! IDEY BEEEE! K3K3! Signed Joe Manu (Convener)