Election Petition: Cars Parked…Less Congestion On Roads

It is obviously a common trend to find traffic situation in the nation become bumper to bumper, especially on week days. And when Accra happens to be the economic hub of the country, it is therefore no surprise to see people struggling for transportation, and others hopping on a bus only to be stuck in a gridlock. Peacefmonline.com hit the streets of Accra today to assess the traffic situation in the capital city. Our observation proved that the situation today is completely different from the usual trend, probably because of the event yet to be undertaken in the highest court of the land. There are several cars plying the roads of Accra with no congestion or whatsoever at all to stall the movement of the vehicles; also less struggle in boarding a vehicle to various destinations. Cars move to and fro virtually effortlessly and one can hardly hear even a single bird bellow in the city. Activities in town seem to have highly gone down and the roads are very much less busy as the nation awaits the Supreme Court verdict.