Justice Dotse's Condemnation Of Afari-Gyan...A Minority Opinion Says Amaliba

If there was one Supreme Court judge who passed a damning assessment about the competence of the Chairman of the Electoral Commission in his judgement, Justice Jones Dotse’s name readily comes to mind. Justice Jones Dotse’s judgement and his comments on the conduct of Kwadwo Afari Gyan, has even charged groups and voters sympathetic to the cause of the New Patriotic Party, to launch a campaign to force the EC boss to resign from his position. But a member of the National Democratic Congress legal team, Abraham Amaliba holds a different notion about the matter. He believes that if people are to scrutinize the addresses that came out after the final verdict was delivered, they would have realized that Justice Dotse’s attack on Dr. Afari Gyan was just a minority opinion which wasn’t of interest to the other remaining judges. Speaking on Joy FM, Mr. Amaliba noted that his basis for the argument was that though Justice Dotse condemned the EC chair, the latter was rather vindicated at the end of the trail. “The verdict has vindicated Afari Gyan”, he said. He explains that if the other judges had felt strongly on the issue, they would have repeated it in their written submissions. “They mention Justice Dotse as one judge who has lashed out at Afari Gyan but if that were an issue, then it would have been 8-1 (against Justice Dotse), just as we (NDC) got 9-0, 9-0 against them (petitioners)”.