PPP Led Anti-Corruption Demo Set For October 3rd

The long awaited Progressive People’s Party, (PPP) led anti-corruption demonstration scheduled to take place in Accra, is now confirmed for Thursday October 3, 2013. Partners in the anti-corruption campaign unanimously agreed to take the action under the theme “Ayefe Notse Anti-Corruption Demonstration” at a meeting held over the weekend, in response to confirmation of the Accra Regional Police Command’s readiness to provide security for the demonstrators. The PPP led coalition against corruption blames the country’s inability to attain sustainable economic growth on corruption and bad governance. The coalition believes the 22 legislations on the country’s statute books and the anti-corruption law recently approved by Cabinet will not make any meaningful impact in the fight against corruption unless the nation’s governance infrastructure is reformed. Specifically, the coalition seeks to: i. Turn the Office of Attorney-General into an Independent Prosecutor’s Office separate from the Ministry of Justice so that the Office is removed from the negative influence of partisan politics. ii. Separate the Legislature (Parliament) from the Executive (Presidency) so that effective checks and balance can operate without fear or favor. iii. Remove the “hand” of the Executive (Presidency) from the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies, through popular election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) by the people. The demonstration will end at the Hearts Park, off the High Street in the Central Business District of Accra with the official launch of the anti-corruption campaign. Signed: William Dowokpor Convener: PPP Anti-Corruption Campaign Coalition.