Fawaz Escapes Death After Bomb Blast At Al-Taqwa Mosque

A former director of Accra Hearts of Oak, Fawaz Zowk, had a brush with death two months ago in the famous bomb blast at the al-Taqwa mosque in the northern city Lebanon city of Tripoli, which killed over 42 people. Fawaz escaped death with 400 others who were injured in an attack near the mosque considered to be the most deadly attack in Lebanon since the end of the civil war in Lebanon some 23 years ago. According to the senior brother of Fawaz, Mohammed Zowk, the former Hearts of Oak management member had gone to the mosque to say his Friday prayers when the blast struck the al-Salam Mosque in the Mina area. He said Fawaz was violently hurled about 200 metres away from the mosque area, leaving him with serious injuries and has been at a Lebanon hospital for treatment for some time now. Mohammed told the Graphic Sports on Saturday that Fawaz�s elder son, who has been with him in Lebanon, escaped the blast as he left the scene before the incident took place. A consumate Phobian with the passion to inspire the fans during crucial matches, Fawaz left Ghana in July for holidays in Lebanon as has become a ritual and was preparing to return when the incident occured. Fawaz, a devout muslim, routinely visits the mosque to say his prayers and never expected such an attack as he was hopeful of his return to continue with business in Ghana. Meanwhile, Fawaz, according to Mohammed, has congratulated Neil-Armstrong Mortagbe on becoming the managing director of Accra Hearts of Oak, saying he would give him his fullest support to ensure that he succeeds.