Oheneba Fight Health Service �Asks Them To Stop Vaccinating Children In Schools

Oheneba Ntim � Barimah, the health crusader has descended heavily on the Ghana Health Service (GHS), and is asking them to stop vaccinating children in schools. According to him, it is medically dangerous and morally wrong for GHS to send its officials to schools to vaccinate helpless children whose medical records and history are not known to them and whose parents are not given any education on the adverse effects of the vaccine. Speaking to The New Crusading GUIDE in an interview, Oheneba Ntim � Barimah stressed it is about time Ghanaians rejected mass vaccination arguing that unlike Ghana, that most countries have established institutions and systems that monitor the adverse effect of vaccine and vaccines. �There is no institution or system in Ghana that monitor the adverse effect of vaccines. When vaccinees report any side effect of vaccine, all that the health authorities do is use Public Relation (PR) to sweep it under the carpet�, the health crusader alleged. He noted that quiet recently, one student lost his life following the measles vaccination organized by GHS. �There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the safety and effectiveness of the various mass vaccinations that have been carried out by GHS� he averred. Meanwhile, Information reaching The New Crusading GUIDE indicates that vaccinations make people more susceptible to diseases, instead of protecting them against diseases. It has been on record that there has been vaccine genocide in most third world countries, including Guatemala, Uganda, Nigeria, amongst others. Just recently, many Ghanaians lost their lives and others permanently maimed from the harmful effects of the swine flu vaccination, but the health authorities were able to manage their PR effectively and swept the issue under the carpet. The proponents and supporters of the swine flu vaccine never came back to explain anything when World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the swine flu pandemic was over. �Many countries who understand that healthy people build healthy nation are doing everything safe and effective to ensure good health for their people, but we in Ghana are not fortunate; our health authorities take health for granted� Oheneba Ntim � Barimah said.