Guinness Big Eruption Concert: Why Shatta Wale Performed Badly

Ghana's acclaimed 'Dancehall King', Shatta Wale, was discharged from the Nyaho Clinic in Accra from where he moved straight to the Accra Sports Stadium to perform at the Guinness Big Eruption Concert last Saturday. News One reports that the musician was seriously ill and had been advised to take a complete rest for two weeks when he was discharged Saturday night but he flouted the medical advice and headed straight for the concert where over 30,000 music lovers were waiting for him and had been chanting his name for hours. "Well, we decided to keep it off the public eye that is why we have not spoken about it. But it is true. He was given as much as six drips that day and if you watch the videos, you would see the plasters used in covering the string holes on his body. Shatta was seriously ill that night but we were afraid the crowd may go haywire if he does not turn up. It was his father himself who went for him from Nyaho Clinic, got him dressed up and then straight to the concert," Shatta's manager said, Though Shatta was the most hailed performer on the night, a section of the media, has surprisingly churned out stories that make it seem there is an agenda to run him down. Prior to the concert, there had been a tensed debate between fans of dancehall Shatta Wale and Samini Dagarti on which of the two is a better dancehall artiste. Indeed, several entertainment pundits and art writers joined in the debate which many had hoped would he settled on that night but unfortunately it did not. On that night Samini put up an outstanding performance that saw him deliver a repertoire of enviable mega hits back-to-back. He was on point and did everything w.ith accurate perfection that, there was'nothing to fault him with. Though a large section of the crowd was heard booing him, it was clear they had no reason for doing so other than their preference for Shatta. Shatta, on the other hand, performed fewer songs as compared to Samini, but his audience response was greater. During Shatta's performance, it was as if the crowd had been charmed into frenzy, or hypnotized. Judging by the audience response, even the visually impaired and persons with hearing impairments would admit it was Shatta's day.