Ghanaians Must Pay Tariffs Or Economy Cripples – Wereko Brobbey

Energy expert, Dr. Charles Wereko Brobbey, has warned that, the current unemployment challenges confronting Ghana could worsen if the energy sector is not fixed. Ghana is struggling to produce enough power to support industry and other private consumers. He was contributing to a public forum on the 2014 budget statement in Accra. “Stop worrying about dumsor dumsor that will not help. The issue is not about when we can’t stop dumsor, we need to increase our energy intensity at least ten fold so we create the value added that creates jobs. That’s what we should be looking at.” Dr. Wereko Brobbey said if Ghanaians fail to accept to pay realistic tariffs, the economy could cripple when the energy problems worsen. “We can only reach the stable economy job creation height if you are prepared to pay an equitable price for the energy that we use” Deputy Energy Minister, John Jinapor who was also at the forum has promised regular energy supply during the Christmas season.