Tsatsu Was Pampered By Supreme Court Judges…I’ve Proof

Outspoken NDP Communicator, Ernest Owusu Bempah claims he has substantial evidence to support suspicions that Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata was treated with kid gloves by the country's Judiciary. It would be recalled that prior to the verdict by the nine-member panel who heard the Presidential Petition case filed against the Electoral Commission by leaders of the New Patriotic Party, several political figures, particularly on the opposition bench, wondered why Lawyer Tsikata was a couple of times left off-the-hook by the Judges. This concern might have since seemed irrelevant after the Judges delivered their verdict on the case, leading to President John Mahama being declared a "validly elected" Head of State. Several months later, Ernest Owusu Bempah appears to have something that can re-ignite the debate. He dared to offer proof that Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata was pampered by the Judges. To him, some Judges in the country owe allegiance to him (Tsatsu Tsikata), thus they dread to reprimand him when he errs. Contributing to a panel discussion programme on Oman FM, he said; “There are some Judges in this country who, upon hearing the name Tsatsu Tsikata, tend to search for an escape route. And I will tell Ghanaians why, at the appropriate time. Tsatsu Tsikata is only person in this country who has turned himself into a pampered child...He can vilify Judges and disgrace them but all we hear is; ‘Tsatsu, are you angry’? “The secret is that some Judges feel they owe their allegiance to Tsatsu, in becoming who they are; in their rise to the Supreme Court...this will end because it’s jeopardizing the Ghana’s justice system,” Owusu Bempah stressed. The NDP Deputy Communications Director also questioned the basis for the establishment of a Commission to investigate Judgment debts paid illegally to companies and individuals by the State. He posits President John Mahama has no ''moral authority'' to have set up a Commission to look into Judgment debts in the country. According to him, under his (Mahama’s) administration, there have been a record of numerous entities embezzling funds and others being declared guilty by the Supreme Court in the Judgment debt saga, but government has thus failed to retrieve such monies. He also disclosed that the Presidency has employed the services of some South African Public Relations experts to provide 'diabolic' counsel to the President. The experts, he stated, are offered 1 million dollars for their services rendered to the nation. Summing up his point, he believed the Mahama-led government is judged by their lack of moral grounds and so, stated emphatically that "they should cut that unnecessary cock and bull nonsense…Are we doing an animal farm?...That we have gone for South African PR experts to Ghana who are now doing diabolic PR for President. So, they want to push this agenda because corruption is becoming endemic.” “What moral authority does he have to set up such Commission that some people have embezzled funds so we should go after it?” he queried