Query Directors Of Merchant Bank - K. B Asante

Retired Diplomat, K. B Asante is calling for the heads of the Directors of Merchant Bank, whose actions and inactions have led to the seeming collapse of the bank. According to him,the collapse of such a promising bank is an indication that “it was not managed well.” Speaking to Citi News on the controversial sale of Merchant Bank to Fortiz Equity Limited, Mr. Asante questioned if any sanctions will be imposed on the directors for such bad direction. In his opinion, the assertion that state agencies don’t work except the private agencies “is all nonsense” because whoever appointed them (directors) had the responsibility of making sure that things were being done the right way. He also argued that if it is the assertion that the sale was not done properly, and Ghanaians are being short-changed, then everybody must be involved to get to the bottom of the matter.