Akpos & His New Online Chick!!!

Akpos: Hi babe, wasup? Girl: I'm cool thanks! Akpos: You're welcome, I will like to know you wella. Girl: I'm Tichick, 19, slim & dark from Lasgidi. Akpos: Babe you're the kind of girl I like. Akpos continues: babe actually, my name is James Ovie Akpororo but my friends call me Akpos. I am 59 years old, I live in No. 16 Church street, Oshodi, Lagos. I have a supermarket @ 12 Femi Johnson street, Mushin, Lagos. Babe I like dating young girls like you. You can call me on 08028264... Girl: but oga you're a family man. How will your wife & daughter feel if they see me with you. Or don't you think its wrong? Akpos: Babe don't even mention my useless daughter & her wayward mother here. They're on their own & I have my life to live. Girl: Its ok then. But do you care to know more about me? Akpos: Babe give me your full detail including your bank account number. Girl: Well, my full name is Augustina James Akpororo, I'm a primary 6 student of Govt School. My mum's name is Gladys Akpororo, she sells fish at Mushin. My father's name is James Ovie Akpororo, he is a gate man at Oshodi where we both live. Akpos: Tina, so it is you! Girl: Papa, so it is you! Akpos: Your mother must hear this Girl: Papa, Mama is here ooo.