How Kumasi Welcomed 2014

Vigil at packed Christian worship centres and street partying ushered in 2014 in the Kumasi Metropolis. Members of the various churches freely mixed with first-timers to sing praises to God, danced and waved white handkerchiefs in appreciation of the gift of life. Other revelers, however, chose to do their own thing on the streets and pubs, particularly in areas like Asafo, Dichemso, Krofroum, Ash-town and the Airport Roundabout to welcome the New Year. They drank and feasted on grilled guinea-fowl and chicken as soul-inspiring highlife music filled the air. Many of those who spoke to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) expressed high expectations in the New Year - finding jobs, good returns on business and improved economic conditions. Ms Joyce Asantewaa, a second-hand clothes dealer, said 2013 was a challenging one and that her hope was that things would get better this year. “My brother, it had not been easy for me, it had been really tough. My business is now on the verge of collapse,” she said. She, however, remains resilient and confident, saying, she was of the firm conviction that there certainly might be good times ahead. Mr. Kofi Agyemang, an architect, called on the managers of the economy to ensure fairness and equity in the distribution of the national wealth. He condemned what he said was the unjust situation where the political elite lived in comfort while majority of the population struggled to survive. He said more should be done to make life a bit comfortable for everybody. Miss Charlotte Benewaa, a 24-year unemployed graduate, said her dream was to get a job. She said she found it embarrassing her continued economic dependence on her parent