Gays And Lesbians Must Be Re-oriented - Foh Amoaning

Anti-gay activists in Ghana have warned western leaders against frustrating efforts by African governments to root our gay practice on the Continent. Uganda and Nigeria have all come clear on the matter and put in place punishments for persons caught engaging in homosexuality. In Uganda, the ultimate punishment is death while Nigeria prescribes 14 years imprisonment as ultimate punishment. Anti-gay Activists in Ghana are championing other different means of dealing with the controversial issue. That has led to the formation of a new group called the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual and Family Values. The group is headed by staunch anti-gay advocate Moses Foh-Amoaning. He said he aims to develop programmes to re-orient gays and lesbians. Mr. Foh-Amoaning in an interview with XYZ News said although some of the approaches by some African countries may not be the best; no western leader has any business dictating to Africa on the matter. “The African society is against this, and people should understand this. Religiously we are against, it is against our culture” Mr. Foh Amoaning said. He added that “why do they want to force it on us and make it an international policy”.