Roma 'Iron Lady' Blasts Milan For Essien Signing

Former AS Roma bankroller Rosella Sensi has blasted AC Milan for buying what he describes as discarded foreign players. Her statement which coincides with Milan�s signing of Essien has triggered a heated debate in Italy In an interaction with the Italian media, Rosella Sensi criticized Italian clubs for concentrating on reserves from foreign countries to the abandonment of home-grown talents. �Milan, Roma, Juventus and Inter have so many foreigners in their squads,� she told Il Tempo. �But all those who come to our country are third choice foreigners. �They are coming here just because they are being discarded by teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United. �If we want to see the new Messi, he�s going to be in Spain � whereas the reserve is coming to Italy,� Sensi said. Rosella Sensi (born 18 December 1971 in Rome) is an entrepreneur and Italian professional sports executive. She was the Chairman of the Italian professional football (soccer) club Associazione Sportiva Roma (A.S. Roma, usually referred to simply as Roma) from 2008 to 2011.