Man Hawks Boiled Groundnuts And Says He Feels Good

Richmond Dogli, 35, a junior high school graduate, has said he had been hawking boiled groundnuts for 18 years and that he felt good about it. Dogli was striding past the offices of the GNA in Ho, tray full of groundnuts balanced on his head and a small hand bell announcing his presence, when the GNA called him for a chat. “I cultivate the peanuts farm myself, sell some to other hawkers, cook and hawk myself. So I rake the profits of the full product cycle”, he said. Dogli, who hails from Sokode-Ando from where he commutes to Ho daily to undertake his chore, said every tray load of cooked peanuts yielded 40.00 Ghana cedis averagely. He said he is not married, no fiancé but is a father. Dogli said sometimes men teased him for going into a woman’s chore but rather the women “are fascinated,” with many of them wanting to be friends with him. He said business was good and that he had the urge over other competitors. “I am even on call. In the offices clients wait for me, so you can see, I am in good business,” Dogli said. To the question what he had to show for it, he said he had molded bricks to put up a house funded from his business. Dogli also hawks boiled fresh maize and borassus shoots, a delicacy.