The Filth Left In The Middle Of CMB Road (Photo)

The CMB area of the Central Business District of Accra, much touted as the “Millennium City”, has been overtaken by mountains of refuse. The entire area is engulfed with a pervasive stench emanating from the heap of refuse. A visit by Daily Guide to some parts of the Business District and other bus terminals close to the Central Business District revealed how residents and traders now dump their refuse in the middle of the road, which have been left unattended by city authorities. Some of the traders who spoke to Daily Guide said the stench emanating from the huge refuse dump was a blot on the city. They said the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), responsible for the day-to-day collection of the refuse had left the refuse in its state for days now. Some passers-by and customers who were overwhelmed by the stench were observed covering their noses with handkerchiefs. Kwesi Adarkwah, a newspaper vendor, said, “The rubbish are dumped in the middle of the road by the traders because there is no other place to dump them.”