Ghana Music Awards Propaganda And Campaign Period Resumes!

It is that time of the year once again where musicians from all walks of life will try all ways and means with the aim of winning awards in Ghana Music Awards. As we wait for nominations to close in the next two weeks ahead of us, it is obvious that artistes and their managers are also trying all angles and corners to canvass for votes should they be nominated after all said and done. In moments like this, people in the media are often used to achieve this aim of what we want to term propaganda and campaign season. Who said politicians are the only people who canvass for votes in this country, people in the entertainment industry also do it when it is time for awards. Our only concern is that, whilst this propaganda and campaigning will be on going, we also suggest to musicians and their managers to be circumspect not to brand people outside their �scope� as their enemies. The so called battle between Flex newspaper and Herty Borngreat was born out of this situation where our managing editor on a platform suggested that another artiste was stronger than her in last year`s Ghana Music Awards. Her then manager DJ Sarpee never took this suggestion cool and responded in a way that sparked unnecessary �war� between these two brands. As much as we will be dealing with some people on radio and television review platforms who will be speaking in our favour, we should also be ready to accept the ones who might speak not in our favour. Again, we should not as artistes or managers assume that whoever does not speak in our favour does not like us. Yes, as much as some of the comments might sound destructive, there are always lessons that can be squeezed out of their �nonsense� if we want to, rather than only maintaining the negativity without any second thought of their impact and relevance. Entertainment critics, observers and watchers should also make it a point to research on songs which will be nominated before commenting on them as some people are known to be making ignoramus commentary sometimes on some topics. Because we all desire the good of the industry, it behooves on us to learn on the subject matter being discussed before making comments that are inflammatory and have the power to spark unnecessary controversies before the awards day.