Prof Akosa Proposes New Capital Town

Professor Agyemang Badu Akosa, Executive Director of Healthy Ghana, a Non-Governmental Organisation has proposed the creation of a new capital city of Ghana for greater development. Prof Akosa said the new capital should be more than 400 km from the capital because Accra has become congested and must be decongested to free it from the nation’s administration gridlock. He made the proposal at the 47th J.B. Danquah Memorial Lectures in Accra, under the theme, “Ghana’s Polarised Political Terrain”. Prof Akosa said tribal politics and deficiencies in the electoral processes, poverty and manipulations of the electorate; the winner takes all political system and the lack of inclusiveness contributed to a politically polarised Ghana. Addressing the challenges of polarization, he urged government to inspire a volunteerism spirit into the schools through the creation of volunteer groups to become grounds for bursaries, jobs and opportunities. Prof Akosa said professional and skilled workers, who retire in the cities, should be facilitated to go back to their home districts and be provided with employment opportunities to use their experience to help in the development. He said government should introduce an initiative of supporting 500 businesses throughout the country and a loan of 500 million dollars at an interest rate of 2 per cent payable over 20 years with a five year moratorium. Prof said a mortgage system must be set up that allows everybody in employment who wants to own a house to be able to access funds for interested persons to work hard and look forward to a good pension. On decentralisation, he proposed an innovation scheme that would bring traditional authority and local authority together to ease the suspicions and tensions, and that, government must implement the full decentralisation programme.