Stephanie Benson Involved In An Accident, Car Goes Up In Flames�

Musician, Stephanie Benson, has been involved in an accident. The songstress announced on social network site, Facebook, a while ago, adding she lost key belongings in the process. To add to her pain, she had her phones registered with US, UK, and Ghana phone numbers stolen by persons who feigned solidarity when the car was up in flames. The talented songstress, sister to dancer/musician Akosua Adjepong made the �quick� announcement on Facebook in a bid to regain all lost contacts. She posted: �Hi guys, I had a car accident in Ghana, sadly was quite devastating, but I am recovering nicely. Unfortunately, some bystanders, while the car was on fire, and upside down, stole my UK, US and Ghana phones and a few other things from the car. Wonderful people!! I have lost all my contacts for Friends from UK and US. The backup was on my iPad, which was stolen too! I was able to retrieve my contacts and friends from Ghana from my home computer but not the others. Please send me your nos guys or call me. Love you x.� A good performer she is, Benson started honing her skills at age 14. She was raised in the United Kingdom, where she mostly lived, too. Her first single, �Now is the Time� earned her a TOP 20 entry in the UK Charts. The song was released under Peter Waterman�s PWL label. She�s recently released �Good Feeling� and �Good Bye� for local and cross boarder consumption.