Mr President, I Do Not Want To See Your Back In 2016

Alright, God forbid. I also pray against this eventuality, the inauguration of a disaster on January 7, 2017 of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, because it appeals to our collective emotions and conscience that this never comes to pass. But this prayer alone can never stop this from happening, the only thing that will stop this from becoming a reality is when the President, John Dramani Mahama, begins to act, because time unfortunately is not on his side. In a country where the electorates are obviously becoming smarter than the politicians at the turn of every elections, since we ushered in the 1992 democratic dispensation, it is incumbent on the politicians, especially the ruling class to begin to honour their promises and respect the wishes of the people. I donít know who advises my President, I will in the coming days and weeks make it prerogative to be bringing to his attention what his people are saying about his Presidency. For the starters, Mr President, there is a growing anger among your people, the led do not know where they are being led to and that is worrying. Some of your appointees are square pegs in round holes, who do not know the reason why they are appointed. To them it is business as usual and they are not innovative or proactive as far advancing your course and that of Ghanaians are concern. Maybe the much talked about and expected reshuffle is been long in coming. Mr President, If you are having doubt about who should go and who should stay, I can make your work easier for you by helping with names of those I and Ghanaians think donít have the pedigree, capacity and experience to steer the affairs of their Ministries. In the eyes of Ghanaians who are already content for who they have as their President, they are only embarrassed by the cacophonous criticisms over the management of information, by those who are appointed and are paid to disseminate Government information, do not know their job. Three weeks ago, I wrote an article captioned, ďNANA ADDOíS POPULARITY SOARS AS JOHN MAHAMAíS FALLSĒ. I donít think time and space allowed you to read the article, as your travels these days have become too many. We can no longer keep track of your whereabouts. If you did not, this is a few pointers, I am not God, neither am I a soothsayer, but in my mindís eye, I do not see Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, becoming the President of this great country, but the way your administration is administering the country, regarding the economy and the general well-being of your people, you could just make Nana Addo, a President by default. I donít know how true this statement is, but I have heard long time ago that the opposition, do not win election, the Government, losses election. My fear is anchored on the fact that since 1992, all the successive Governments we have had, had only two successive four years terms. History has been fair to you, as you could down in the history of this country to have used three months to campaign to win a competitive election and will add another fortune and smiles on the faces of NDC faithful, who love you, more than you can imagine. They are sad and disoriented. They need the ďBossu kenanĒ, the JDM that they voted for in 2012. You gave them hope, the candle has not burnt out yet, they still think you can do it, if not for anything and anyone, just for the Umbrella family. The pulse of the nation has changed, and they are looking for a sign from the leader that the current problems we are facing are only temporary and that things will be okay. The signs are not mere rhetoricís that they are used to from politicians and have heard over and over again, but one with hope and a roadmap that involves them. Despite the problems I believe that on a clearly written note, President Mahama stands the chance of making history again, by seeing the National Democratic Congress (NDC) win the 2016 election, which will be the third after 2008 and 2012. Nana Addo and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are not leaving any stone unturned to ensure that they win the 2016, after losing two successive elections. This is his last attempt and will do anything, including seeing through his all-die-be-die admonition of his supporters. The party (NPP), is going through a lot of internal problems, but those problems could be of importance to the NDC, only if the Government delivers on its mandate. In my said article two weeks ago, I made mentioned of the fact that like the saying, it is only when a frog dies, that we see it length, it took the death of late President, John Evans Atta Mills, for us to know how much he has worked. Those, who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, it is the same macabre dance that the current Government is engaged in. We only hear how good communicators the Government has, when an allegation is made against them. What happened to professionalism and being proactive in dealing with and managing Government communication. Even Coca Cola, being the number one brand in the world, continues with it expensive adverts, notwithstanding the fact that I donít need that advert in order to buy same. Every individual need to think competitive at all times, the world is about the survival of the fittest those who are too comfortable in their chairs. When the President assumed office in 2012, there used to be daily briefings at the Flagstaff House by the Minister of Information, Mahama Ayariga and his two deputies, Murtala Muhammed and Felix Ofosu Kwakye, what happened to that arrangement? Ever since Ben Dotse Malor, was appointed the daily briefings stopped and what we are hearing every day is the cacophony of the opposition on the air waves. I am trying so hard to be charitable with my words, but clearly some people donít deserve to be around the President. Things are hard, the economy is not in a good shape, but the future under John Mahama, looks bright. I am still hopeful that things will get better, but the President must relieve some people of their post. I mentioned sometime ago that the survival of this economy hinges on not more than four critical Ministries or Institutions and that is, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Trade and Industry and lastly, Bank of Ghana (BoG), are the people appointed to these places performing creditably, is their work yielding good fruits, if the answer is yes, then God help us, if the answer is no, then Mr President, you know what to do. That you donít like President Mahama and his administration, which is very understandable, isnít a reason to vote him out in 2016. Iím also sympathetic to the course of the NPP in its bid to oust the incumbent government, but I wonít endorse any obvious propaganda and an invalid like Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. This country is better off without him. On this, I wish to say, Iíll not forgive Ghanaians, if my foresight is right that our misplaced paranoia might compel us to vote out President John Dramani Mahama, but may God intervene and save us from Nana Addo and the NPP.