Grand Draw Of Fidelity Big Fat Zero Promo Held

Fidelity Bank has crowned its innovative deposit campaign, the Fidelity Big Fat Zero Promotion by rewarding a customer with two (2) Fidelity zeros in the grand draw of the Fidelity Big Fat Zero Promotion. Lilian Esi Mortotsi of the Osu Oxford Street branch won two (2) Zeros transforming her maintained balance of GHS 1,000 to GHS 100,000 in the grand draw of the Fidelity Big Fat Zero Promotion. Godwin Quashie Acolatse of the Ridge Tower branch and Brown Anafo of the Bolga Post Branch each won one Fidelity Zero changing their maintained balances of GHS 1,000 to GHS 10,000. The 4th and 5th winners received 2 Gold Coins each and the 6th to 20th winners received one Gold coin each. Each Gold Coin weighs half an ounce and it is valued at GHS 1,300. Statistics available indicate that out of the about 15 million Ghanaian Adult population; only about 33% are banked indicating a low savings culture among Ghanaians in spite of the fact that Ghana as an emerging oil-economy has been developing at an average GDP growth rate of 8% for the past 5 years or so. During this period it is estimated that income per-capita has grown from $1,100 to the current $1,840. The growth in savings during the same period however has lagged behind and failed to grow in tandem. Fidelity Bank therefore launched the highly innovative Fidelity Big Fat Zero Promo and Deposit Campaign in August 2013 to inculcate in Ghanaians the culture of savings whilst rewarding Customers at the same time. The Deputy Managing Director of Fidelity Bank Mr. Jim Baiden expressed optimism that the Bank achieved it’s the rationale behind the Fidelity Big Fat Zero Promotion.“I am happy to announce that during the 6-month campaign, we opened in all 75,000 new accounts and mobilized GHC 95 million in new current and savings account deposits. By all indications The Big Fat Zero Promo has been highly successful. Apart from impacting individual lives and contributing to the macro-economic health of this Country, it has enhanced the brand visibility of the Bank considerably and added substantially to the size of our portfolio. With a Deposit size of GHC 1.5 billion, your bank is today the 6th largest Bank in the Country and for us the sky is the limit” In all, one Lucky customer won 2 Fidelity Big Fat zeros, 17 other Customers won one Fidelity Zero that transformed their balances by as much as GHC 10, 000 in most cases and 69 others won consolation prizes in the form of ½-an-ounce, 24 carat Gold coins valued at GHS 1,300 to keep for investment purposes or convert into cash for other business purposes. Mr. Jim Baiden gave the assurance that the Bank would continue to roll out more promotions. “The Fidelity Big Fat Zero Promotion ends today but it is certainly not the end of the juicy promotions that we have in stock for our valued customers, we would continue to roll out more innovative promotions that will enrich our customers and help transform their lives and that of their loved ones”