J.A. Adofo Still Waiting For His Award From Charterhouse

Veteran Highlife musician, Obourba J.A. Adofo, ahs told Razz Newspaper his disappointment at Charterhouse for promising him an award but reneged on their promise. However, he is still looking forward to it. Vodafone Ghana Music Award (VGMA) board member, Mr. Mark Okraku Mantey, revealed on Happy 98.9 fm�s �Showbiz Xtra� that the board shall be honouring 3 musicians with the Lifetime Achievement Award and that included Obourba J.A. Adofo. Mr. Mantey furthered revealed that the board decided to honour 3 musicians at a time for that category because, most of our legendary musicians who qualify for that category, are old and are dying, so the board thought it expedient to honour 3 this year. Elated Obourba J.A. Adofo, who heard the good news, revealed some weeks ago that �I�m highly elated! I long to receive that award as well as perform for the audience on that day; though the award is long overdue�. Subsequently, J.A. Adofo was interviewed on a number of radio stations � Hitz fm, Channel R, Emak fm, and Nkwa fm; all congratulating him for the good news. The long awaiting VGMA�s �Industry Award� came off on Saturday 26th April, 2014 at Alisa Hotel but Obourba J.A. Adofo was not given the Lifetime Achievement Award; neither was he present at the event. The award rather went to Ghanaian internationally acclaimed highlife musician, Ebo Taylor. He alone received the honour. The other two including Adofo were not present at the event. The MC did not even mention Obourba�s name or ask if the latter was present. When Razz Newspaper contacted the ireful Obouba J.A. Adofo, he said �I�ve not received it and nobody has come to me! Charterhouse has not brought me the award! I have not heard from them! I am still looking forward to it! I need that award badly! Please ask them to bring it to me! Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse, Mr. George Nii Armah Quaye, had explained last week that he has no idea the VGMA board made any such promise to Mr. Adofo. �Really? I never heard that. In fact, I�m hearing this for the first time� Mr. Quaye said. Mr. Quaye revealed that �several names always come up when it gets to that award. The board goes through a number of deliberations and settles on one. Yes, I do remember the discussions of honouring 3 people too, but it was a suggestion. That wasn�t really concluded. Please pardon Mark. I�m sure he meant well.� Whilst some allege that Charterhouse swapped Adofo�s award for Ebo Taylor, others think Mr. Okraku Mantey misinformed the public by excising an �Okro-mouth� gesture on an issue which the board had not decided or concluded on. We long to see what Charterhouse will do to appease the conscience of the �Black Chinese� man.