Choirmaster Drops First Single "Ghana�s Most Beautiful"

It�s been barely two weeks since news of the final split of Praye hit the market and already Praye Honeho now known as Choirmaster has heated up things as a solo artiste and released his debut single, Ghana�s Most Beautiful (G.M.B). The song which features Tema based rapper, Dadie Opanka, was officially released last week Friday on the airwaves. Produced by Hydraulix Studios in Tema, Ghana�s Most Beautiful is a slow tempo tune and has a blend of both traditional and contemporary rhythm as it employs the Adowa beat. Choirmaster has been known to be a creative writer during his glorious days with the Praye group and that creativity was once again put in practice as he identified and related the different categories of women and their lifestyles to various banks in Ghana on Ghana�s Most Beautiful. He says that women who love to ask for money from their partners fall under the category of Ghana Commercial Bank and �the type of girl who dey ask for food be ADB�. He goes on to sing about how the National Investment Bank (NIB) ladies love to share their boyfriend�s money and young girls that easily give themselves to every man who comes their way are known the Access bank. But the faithful ladies are Fidelity Bank and those who fall in the Royal Bank group make their men feel accepted in their life. �This song is straight from my heart. It took me a long time to come out with such a piece and I am hopeful it will make great strides. It is quite distinct from the kind of music in vogue now because I wanted something traditional and different from what I have done in the past� Choirmaster told Showbiz last week. He said that the classification of women in his song was to bring to the attention of men that there are many ladies out there who are not good materials to take home as a wife so they should always look beyond the outer appearance and get attracted to their inner beauty. For now, Choirmaster said he is in the studios recording songs that will make up his first album, Revelations, as a solo artiste and hinted that the video of Ghana�s Most Beautiful will be released next month.