Just To Laugh: Types Of Saw

Our Ga folks wilk kill us!! Arku's FIRST DAY IN JHS1 TOPIC: TECHNICAL SKILLS Teacher: In our previous Lesson, We learnt about various types of Saws. QUESTION Teacher: How many types of saws do we have? (All the Students including Arku raised their hands) Teacher: Yessssss !!! Arku, How many? Arku: Four Teacher: Four !! Really Arku: Yes Sir Teacher: Ok, name them Arku: Sir! 1. Onye saw, 2. Otse Saw, 3. Onye-aye Saw, 4. Otse ke Onye aye Saaaawwww. Teacher: Qw33 awula go 4 ur fees n go bak 2 bukom,buulua nibi