“Politics Did Not Help Me” – Maame Dokono

The issue of politics marring the beauty of Ghanaian showbiz keeps recurring and showbiz personalities keep veering to taste a bit of the ‘national cake,’ forgetting (or better still ignoring) how the Ghanaian mind is prejudiced towards politics. Grace Omaboe who is known as Maame Dokono in showbiz circles has finally agreed in an interview with Sammy Flex on Capital TV’s Entertainment Capital to the fact that venturing into politics was a wrong move for her and that she regretted ever getting there. The veteran actress who once upon a time ruled the airwaves and the silver screens ahs remarked that she thought getting into politics was to continue to help a larger populace but was shocked to meet the hatred from the opposition. “Politics took me to court and I was tried” Maame Dokono said in a sorrowful voice. The veteran actress who for a while has been out of the system, initially was with the National Democratic Congress but lost the general elections, crossed carpet to the New Patriotic Party and also lost the bid to represent her constituency. Maame Dokono also advised that politics is not supposed to bring division but unity to help push a country forward for the layman to be able to feed himself and his family. She went on to say that she has learnt from her political experience and will never try politics again, but rather move into mainstream acting since that is her first love and really enjoy acting. She said acting gets her bus and would have joined the acting fray long ago but was stopped by her doctor to relax but she is ready to move to the screens now provided she has a good story that could even push her to act for free.