Just For Laugh!!! Which One Would You Attend

Names Of Churches In Nigeria 1. Guided Missiles Church 2. Jehovah Sharp Sharp 3. Hurricane Miracle Ministry 4. Healing Tsunami Ministry 5. Satan in Trouble Ministry 6. Fire for Fire Ministry 7. Run For Your Life Ministry 8. The Yoke Must Broke Ministry 9. Face to Face Ministry 10. Angels on Fire Chapel of Peace 11. Liquid Fire Ministries 12. By Fire By Fire Ministry 13. Holy Fire Overflow Ministries 14. David Killed Goliath Ministry 15. High Tension Ministry 16. Chukwudi & Son Evangelical Ministry 17. Laboratory Church of God 18. Go and Tell Ahab That Elijah Is Here Ministries 19. Strong Hand of God Ministry 20. Jesus Knows His Children Ministry 21. Seven Thunders of Jesus Ministry 22. Perfect Christianity Ministry 23. Power must change hands ministry 24. Cash from Christ Church If you were in Nigeria, which one would you attend