10 Year Old Boy Helps Police Avert Explosion In Nigeria

Kano State police authorities reportedly foiled what could have been a deadly explosion, thanks to some information a 10-year-old boy revealed to them. They discovered 13 high-calibre Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) at Sauna-Fafunga in the Dakata area of Kano, Vanguard reports. Aderenle Shinaba, the Commissioner of Police, is said to have shown the devices to reporters in Kano yesterday. Shinaba revealed that the explosives were found around 1.30p.m. in a run-down car parked near a Friday Mosque. According to reports, a 10-year-old boy alerted police when he noticed some unusual objects in the vehicle. �When we got the information, we quickly moved in to the place and in the course of screening the vehicle, our anti-bomb squad discovered the explosives. We are simply lucky; what we have here now has the capacity of destroying a whole village and the Abuja incident would have been a child�s play. The explosives were primed to explode when the Juma�at prayer is going on and they can destroy a whole neighbourhood because they are of high calibre,� said Shinaba.